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Tree Canopy Raising

In many cases, we are asked to raise the canopy on trees rather than performing a full tree trim.  This is almost always the case in land clearing and commercial property work.  The reason for this is because the main concern of the property owner is simply to raise the canopy high enough so people and/or vehicles do not hit the tree limbs while passing by, and to provide better visibility.  In residential yards, space is more limited and the trees will need a more thorough trimming in addition to just raising.

Tree Canopy Raising
Tree Crown Thinning

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Tree Canopy Raising is explained as:


  • Removing all sucker shoots

  • Removing all dead wood

  • Removing all limbs on each tree to a certain and defined height


How it works:

The overall goal is to raise the foilage on every tree in a grouping to increase visibility beyond the tree line.  This gives the property a more clean appearance as well as making the property look bigger due to the extended view that was previously blocked.


You, as the customer determine the height that will be used as the baseline for the project....our job is to make all of the trees balanced within that baseline.

Tree Crown Reduction
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